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Fergie In North Van

We're moving!

We're currently in the process of moving and have no future litters planned. We're hoping to be back up and running at our new location. Stay tuned for more Newfy News!

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Fergie and Puppies

New Litter Born June 25th!

Fergie delivered her latest litter of puppies on June 25th. We now have 8 heathly puppies in the house, 7 boys and 1 girl! Sired by Cornell, these puppies already fit right in with mom Fergie. Stay tuned for more Newfy News!

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Newfoundland Puppies
Stillstream Newfoundlands has no new litters planned at this time.

I am going to be moving and will hopefully commence breeding again at a new location.

I will do my best in the coming weeks to individually respond to all who have recently made enquires for a puppy.

Please check back soon for more Newfy News!